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Is your car making strange noises, feeling strange, or smelling strange? While not all car problems will be obvious, in many cases, you will be able to tell that something is wrong with your vehicle. Because when a component of your engine, transmission system, steering system, suspension, or brakes fails, your vehicle’s efficiency plummets.

Car problems may now be more serious than you think. And, if not addressed immediately, they can cause your car to wear out faster and even cause safety issues. So, bring your car to Rocky Mountain Diesel and Auto Repair in Orem, UT, for thorough diagnostics and repairs.

You can be confident that your vehicle is in the hands of the best mechanics in the business.

Get Your Car Back on the Road Quickly with the #1 Auto Repair Shop in Orem, UT

You’re not sure what’s wrong with your car. Most car owners are unable to diagnose a problem unless they have a mechanical background. But you don’t need technical knowledge; that’s why we’re here.

Our auto and diesel repair services include:

Gasoline & Diesel Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. As a result, if it is not working properly, your car may not perform as expected. If your engine has been acting up, bring it to our auto repair shop or call us to have it picked up, and we will make sure to get it back in good condition. For your diesel truck or car, we also have specialized diesel engine repair specialists.

Brake Repair

Are your brakes too hard or too soft? Brakes should have the appropriate amount of resistance. Anything unusual may indicate that your brakes are worn out or malfunctioning. Our brake service will inspect your brake system, identify the problem, and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

Suspension Repair

Ever thought about getting your suspension and steering system checked? These parts also get wear and tear, impacting your vehicle’s stability. So, if your car feels bumpy or pulls you to the right or left, have our capable mechanics look at it and make the necessary adjustments.

Transmission Repair

Grinding noises when shifting gears, gears slipping in and out, or leaking transmission fluid could indicate transmission trouble. Luckily, we are here to fix your issues and get your car on the road in 24 hours or less.

Oil Change

Engine oil gets contaminated and consequently ineffective over time. So, you want to have our auto repair experts check and replace it every couple of months to preserve your engine and keep your car working efficiently.

Heating & AC Repair

Is your HVAC not cooling or heating your car when you want it to? Our repair service can assess and repair it for you, restoring your comfort when driving.

Only Highly Trained & ASE Certified Mechanics in Orem, UT

Your vehicle is probably one of the most valuable assets you own. And you definitely want to take good care of it. So, why entrust it to amateurs for repairs? Rocky Mountain Diesel and Auto Repair Service has the best technicians in the game, guaranteed to give you exceptional work.

Not only are our mechanics trained in their job, but they have also undergone testing and are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Aside from our highly competent automotive repair technicians, we also come with other benefits, including:

Flexible Pickup and Drop Off

We are ready to pick up your vehicle anywhere in Orem, UT. We will also drop it off where you choose. Our car repair service is flexible and adjusts to your schedule. So, if you are tied up at work, we can drop off your car after-hours too.

Prompt Service with a Comfortable Waiting Area

Get car repairs in a timely manner with Rocky Mountain Diesel and Auto Repair. We encourage clients to schedule a service appointment with us to avoid waiting for service. And we do our part to repair your car in record time. If you want to wait for your vehicle and go with it, we have a clean and comfortable waiting area designed just for you.

Shuttle Rides for Your Convenience

Concerned about getting home or to work after dropping off your car for repairs? There’s no need to worry because we have a shuttle service to get you where you need to go quickly. As a result, there are no inconveniences or transportation costs.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Equipment

We have invested in the most advanced diagnostic technology available in the automotive industry. We are confident that we will identify and correct any problems in your vehicle. So, stop by for a thorough diagnostic and an estimate of the necessary repairs.

Financing Options

Have you put off your visit to our repair shop because you can’t afford to pay for it yourself? There is no longer any reason to wear out your vehicle. Contact us to learn about alternative financing options.

3-Year Nationwide Warrant

Don’t just pay for any repair work; get long-lasting automotive repairs. Our service, including repair and replacement parts, is backed by a 3-year or 36,000-mile nationwide warranty. So, drive with confidence.

We Can Also Service Cars in Orem for Extended Vehicle Life.

While car repairs are unavoidable, you can reduce the number of times you bring your car in for repairs by performing regular preventive maintenance. Our Orem, UT auto repair shop also offers car service. Among other things, we will perform diagnostics on your engine, transmission, and brakes; check parts for wear and tear; change your engine oil and filters; and service your HVAC, among other maintenance tasks. So, try our scheduled maintenance service today.

Does Your Car Need Care? Let’s Return Your Automotive to Excellent Working Condition

Rocky Mountain Diesel and Auto Repair specializes in all vehicles’ auto and diesel engine repair. Engine repair, transmission repair, oil changes, brake repair, and much more are available. We have been in business for nearly a decade and serve both individuals and local businesses in Orem and surrounding communities in Utah.

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