How Can I Tell if My Car’s Heater Core Is Bad?

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There’s a strong possibility that you will never have to replace the heater core in your automobile. This is because this heating system part can last as long as 10 years. This being said, there are signs that indicate you have a bad heater core in the heating system. Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair is going to list the signs of a failing heater core below. The sooner you have us inspect your heater core and replace it the sooner you will have warm air flowing out of the vents again.

Cold or Lukewarm Air

As we just mentioned, a faulty heater core will cause cold or lukewarm air to flow out of your vents when the heater is on. In this case, the problem with the heater core is that it is leaking the hot engine coolant out of its tubes before the air flows over it. It’s also possible that the heater core is clogged and the hot engine coolant is not circulating through the tubes. Either way, you will not have warm air flowing out of your vents even if you turn up the heater’s temperature.

Coolant Leaks

If your heater core is leaking, you will notice it on the floorboard. Specifically, the heater core is on the passenger side of your vehicle. It is located underneath the dashboard. When it leaks, you end up with the coolant pooling on the inside of your automobile.

Musty and Sweet Odors

Another indication that there is a problem with the heater core is sweet and musty odors in the air that flows through the vents. Specifically, the heater core is leaking coolant and this is what you are smelling. Unfortunately, the heater core cannot operate as it should when it is leaking coolant.

Overheating Engine

The other unfortunate part of the leaking coolant is that your engine will overheat. This is strange considering it’s cold on the inside of your automobile. Nonetheless, if the coolant is being lost through the heater core, your engine will overheat if you continue to drive your automobile.

Windows That Fog Constantly

One final sign of core problems is windows that fog constantly. This is because the air blowing through the vents is filled with engine coolant. This hot and musty coolant will change the conditions inside your passenger cabin, and, as a consequence, the windows will fog.

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