How Can I Tell When My Brakes Are Going Bad?

Generally, your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s brake system will give you some signs that it needs a little TLC. Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair can inspect your brake system every 12,000 miles, the general recommendation, to ensure that it is operating as it should be so you can rely on it. We never want you to experience the fear of being unable to stop your automobile. Here are signs that your brake system is going bad and needs service or repair.

ABS or Brake Warning Light

If you end up with a steady or flashing ABS or Brake warning light on the dashboard, there is something wrong with the brake system. Even if you don’t have any other signs of brake trouble, bring your vehicle to our shop for a brake inspection to make certain there is nothing wrong.

Changes in Brake Pedal Resistance

Your brake pedal should always give you the same resistance when you press down on it. It should stop about 1 1/2 inches from the floorboard. If the pedal feels squishy or gives and takes, you may have air in the brake lines or a malfunctioning master cylinder.

Hot or Burning Brake Odors

Hot or burning odors coming from the brake system are an indication that the brakes are overheating. Do not continue to drive your automobile with hot brakes. Unfortunately, when too hot, the brake pads and rotors are unable to generate the friction needed to stop your car, truck, or utility vehicle.

Leaking Brake Fluid

Your brake system is also trying to tell you something if it is leaking brake fluid. Commonly, brake fluid leaks out of the hoses or master cylinder. Brake fluid is usually light brown, but it can also be red. It leaks behind your wheels in most cases.

Pulling to the Side When Braking

If your automobile pulls to the side when you apply the brakes, you have a problem with the caliper on the wheel in the direction in which the vehicle is pulling. Chances are, the caliper is stuck and needs to be released in order to stop the pulling.

Unusual Noises When Braking

You should never hear any sounds when applying the brakes except the sound of your engine RPMs slowing down. If you hear squealing noises, your brakes could be overheating. If you hear scraping sounds, your brake pads need to be replaced.

Call Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair in Springville, UT, today if you are overdue for a brake service. We’d be happy to inspect your brake system and make any necessary repairs.

Photo by fernniezz from Getty Images via Canva Pro