Transmission Repair & Service

transmission repair and service

No matter what transmission your vehicle might have, whether an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, they are mechanically the same thing. Both are comprised of over 800 moving parts. The only significant difference is that you control the gears with one, and the transmission does all the work with the other. Both have a shaft, gears, and a clutch, and both can be serviced or replaced here at Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair in Springville UT.

Transmission Inspection in Springville, UT

When your vehicle comes into our shop and is put on our bays for a transmission issue, we do not just replace the transmission and call it a day because that may not be the proper fix. A transmission replacement should be a last resort. Most of the time, transmission issues are a result of something going awry with the transmission fluid. That is why we start with an inspection. The key to a proper repair is understanding the issue first, then applying the appropriate solution. Trust the experts at Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair to provide the right solution for your transmission problems.

Transmission Repair & Service in Springville, UT

After the proper repair, it is essential to keep your transmission healthy to prevent further issues from arising. You can do this by keeping up with and sticking to a proper transmission service schedule. Here at Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair, we know and offer the right services for your transmission. With proper maintenance, your transmission will last a long time. Keep in mind that some issues are not immediately apparent while driving, so it is important to be on the lookout for them. Here are some common signs suggesting that your transmission requires repair, which are not as apparent as the gears are not shifting.

  • Shifter slips in and out of gears
  • Difficulty shifting
  • Grinding noise while shifting gears
  • & Leaking transmission fluid

If you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection, service, or repair. We will make sure you can drive your vehicle again in no time.

Transmission Repair Near Me

If you are looking for the best auto repair shop in Springville UT, you have come to the right site. Get your transmission inspected, serviced, and repaired by our expert mechanics. At Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto Repair, we provide every customer with exceptional service. Give us a call today for your next appointment.

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